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Managed offsite Backups

Looking for a managed offsite backup solution?

Offsite Backup is an integral component of Radish Networks' managed data security. Offsite backup protects from accidental deletions and can be used to recover data from hardware failure. Radish Networks' Saskatoon offsite backup service is fully managed: We monitor the backup jobs to ensure they've completed successfully. We also track the modification times of key files ensuring that the data you need is being properly backed up. We can deliver your entire latest backup to your Saskatoon location within 24 hours. We work with you to determine what your selection list should be and how your archives should be rotated.

Managing your disaster recovery plan

When people think of computer backups, disaster recovery often comes first to mind. With disaster recovery we're thinking about a failed hard drive or a site failure such as fire or flooding. What is the value of your data? What would happen to your organization if it lost all or most of its electronic files?

Radish Networks offsite backup for desktops typically run every night. We monitor the modified times of key files to ensure that the backups are occuring regularly. In the event of a disaster, you don't want to wait to download hundreds of gigabytes. For this reason, we offer data delivery to the Saskatoon area and will bring your data to you.

Our offsite backup service configured for nightly backups provide a one-day recovery point objective. With our data delivery, our customers also get a one-day recovery time objective.

Archival backups

Archival backups help for your day-to-day file recoveries. "I accidentally erased a file." When people think of backups, they often think of disasters such as a failed hard drive or a fire. Accidentally erasing a file or overwriting a file with the wrong one happens much more often. Our offsite backup service provides both disaster recovery and archival backups.

Radish Networks maintains multiple copies of your data in separate archives that are periodically rotated. If you erased a file you needed right now then you could easily restore the file from last night's backup. But what if you didn't notice that you had erased a file right away? What if it was a spreadsheet that you only used once a year for tax time? If you only have last night's backup, then it will not protect you from this type of data loss. The only solution is to have multiple copies of your data created at different times. For many of our clients we maintain 22 restore points. Each point is a full copy of the files archived at a certain point. For example, we could have a Monday archive that would be regenerated every Monday. We could have an archive created for each month. In this manner, we can protect your organization with archives spanning an entire year.

Custom Solutions

For larger organizations, a one-day recovery point objective isn't acceptable. If your organization has 100 staff that are creating and editing files saved locally, then losing even one-day's worth of productivity is too much to bear.

Radish Networks provides custom backup solutions to organizations desiring RTO and RPO of fifteen minutes. We can achieve this by leveraging services such as our Veeam Cloud Connect. Contact us to learn more on how Radish Networks can meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Desktop Backups.

Protect your desktop data for $30 per month

Server Backups.

Protect your servers with a custom solution starting as low as $60 per month

Pay as you go.

Month to month billing with no commitment.

Why choose Radish Networks?

Use our infrastructure to maintain a fully managed offsite backup solution.

  • No capital costs
  • Radish Networks has over 10 years of experience managing offsite backup
  • ALL data stored in Saskatoon
  • File mtime monitoring
  • Data delivery to Saskatoon area

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